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Relaxing Shopping Experience at the Hub

At Remember When a relaxing shopping experience has always been an important concept.  We feel that shopping done well is an experience in and of it self.  It is best done in a relaxing shopping environment. To encourage this Kerri and the dealers try to always provide refreshments for our customers and guests.  They are located at the hub in the courtyard.  There is complementary Tea and Coffee. We are also providing a complementary glass of wine for shoppers on Tuesdays through Fridays.  The complementary wine is available after 11:00 on weekdays. 

Feel free have a seat and relax. To make sure you always have a pleasant shopping experience the dealers strive to insure their spaces are always fresh and new with the best possible presentation so you will always find a new relaxing shopping experience each and every time you visit. 

Relaxing Shopping Recognition

We are happy to announce that our relaxing shopping experience has been recognized by others.  Google has acknowledged we are a good example of the concept of a relaxing shopping experience.  When you search Google Images for "Relaxing Shopping" a picture of our customer Tea Room consistently pops up on the first results page see Google image search results.  Usually we are the first image in the results.  If you search the web for "Relaxing Shopping" a link to our customer Tea Room page usually pops up in the first 30 entries listed see Google web search results.  Given that Google rated over 17 Million websites for this subject, being in the top 30 is no small praise. 

Tea Room Services

We are also offering tea room services for your convenience.  You can rent the room for your private party on an hourly basis or we can provide you a private catered event at a per person price.  Whatever your get-together we can provide you a special event in a relaxing environment.  Please feel free to contact us for details of what is provided, rates and possible menus. 

Relaxing Shopping experience


Refreshmernts Relaxing Shopping experience Refreshmernts Relaxing Shopping experience ←Who's ready for some Popcorn?

Always coffee and tea to complement your relaxing shopping experience →

We are pleased to serve the Modesto area including Ripon, Salida, Riverbank, Ceres, Keyes, Empire and Turlock
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