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Bailey's Page

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Hello.  I am Bailey.  Kerri (the blond on the right) runs "Remember When" in Modesto for my amusement.  As you may know for dogs smell, is the most important sense.  I want to thank all of the people who come and visit me and bring in such novel and interesting smells.  I also thank you for buying interesting items (Kerri made me say that).

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I wanted to let all my loyal fans know that I am bearing up well in the glare of stardom.  If things get too intense I just put on my new "cool" shades and I can wander around the store incognito as just another dog.  

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Baily on Travel

Are we there yet?  I am ready to make a fashion statement. 

Bailey on Clothing

It is often said that clothing makes the Dog.  I fully agree with this sentiment. 

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A good sweater often leads to a good snooze

Bailey on Holidays

I think that Christmas is my favorite Holiday.  There are so many treats for humans to give me.  There are so many treats for humans to accidentally drop.  It should be noted that I am significantly faster than the average human in picking up dropped treats. 


My only issue with Christmas is that red is not my best color. 

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I want to thank all my friends that visit me.  To the left is Kadie (Elisabeth is her human).  When she comes in with her stroller we have a chance to cruise around the shop. After all dogs like to feel the wind beneath their ears. 

To the right are some other friends that came to see me at one of the parking lot sales.  Kerri's cousin Julie and her husband Mike brought them to see me.  "hey guys I am over here"

Bailey's Fan mail

We recently received the following message from Abby who is is the sister of Kadie who is one of Bailey's friends. 


"Bailey, Kadie just showed me your web page.  It is great. You are a star. I want to be one of your groupie's  I hope you will remember the little people now that you have made it big on the internet."

Your faithful fan Abby


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